Magnetic Badges

Fed up with brooch pins damaging your clothes? Try our beautifully engineered magnetic badges. The badge and magnetic clasp hold together strongly even through suiting material and are quick and easy to put on and remove.

Unisto Aluline Engraved Name Badge
From £0.00
Unisto Business Badge
Business Badge
From £0.00
Unisto Business Badge Large
Business Badge Large
From £0.00
Unisto Business Badge Small
Business Small
From £0.00
Unisto Classic New Window Name Badge
Classic New
From £0.00
Classic S3 Window Name Badge
Classic S3 Name Badge
From £0.00
Unisto Convexline Name Badge
From £0.00
Unisto Economy Small Name Badge
Economy Small
From £0.00
Elegance Gold
From £0.00


Classic Big Silver


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