Wear What You Feel!

Wednesday 22 January 2014 4:40 PM

Proud of the NHS is something we all are, but what better than to wear this declaration on a specially created pin badge during your daily interactions with people from outside the organisation, who often only make contact when there is or maybe something wrong with them, in strange surroundings and in need of reassurance.

Unisto has been a proud supplier to the National Health Service for many years with name badges, NHS pins and also security seals that provide access control to ensure a complete kit of equipment and drugs are available on critical equipment such as crash trolleys when they are needed.

Name badges are worn to provide reassurance and accountability; you know who is assisting you even if you are not well enough to talk to them.

Pam Rowlston of Southport & Ormskirk Hospital NHS Trust Procurement Team got in touch with Unisto recently as a result of seeing Secretary of State, Jeremy Hunt’s pin badge and then surfing the web. “Unisto had NHS pin badges in stock and I was delighted to receive my order very quickly” Pam went on “they were rewarded for their good work when the Trust sent an order for a new bespoke Proud of the NHS pin badge. These pins were delivered last autumn and are now being proudly worn by the hospital team who have been very pleased by their smart appearance.

Unisto NHS Name Badges

Unisto create badges and pins to order to highlight long and distinguished service, special teams such as infection control, older peoples champion or health, safety and security as well as a wealth of other personnel name badge styles.

Unisto’s creative and security seals teams can be contacted here.


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Wear What You Feel!
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